Honest talk about a dirty word: What is Evolution?

In this episode David and Aaron begin talking about the theory of evolution. They examine what evolution is, common misconceptions, and whether evolution is compatible with a Biblical view of origins.

Reconciling the Bible and Science

In this episode David and Aaron discuss how the Bible and science can work together to understand reality and what to do when they seem to contradict each other.

Religiosity, Scientific Reasoning, and Evolutionary Evangelism

In this episode, David and Aaron discuss a recent publication in the journal Evolution: Education and Outreach which examines whether a person’s ability to reason scientifically is associated with their acceptance of evolutionary theory and creationism.

Is faith irrational?

In this, our first video, Dr. Aaron Corbit shares his personal experience reconciling reason and faith.

Faith and Science: Are they in conflict?

David and Aaron discuss what science is and whether scientific thinking precludes faith.

View of the lake at sunset

Faith and Science: Why We Care

In this first podcast, we discuss who we are, our personal relationship to science and faith, and where we hope to take this podcast.